Monday, May 18, 2015

Sleeping children keeps a mother sane

Sometimes when I blog surfed at home and if both boys happened to sit beside me, they would always asked whose photos am I looking at and who is that person. And because I have been following certain blogs for some time now and they've become mothers themselves, I would often just tell them they're my friends. #thickskinmuch heehee. Only common factors are the fact that we're all mothers and its only #associationbychildren, oh yeah.
Giving his kor kor a scratch when this mother ignored his pleas for it
 and kept snapping away.

One thing with kids is this. They have the weirdest sleeping positions and they bring the strangest things to bed.

This kid is just sunshine and happy smiles the moment he wakes up.

And of course, the sweetest time of the day is their bed time when after a whole day of incessant Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! I get a reprieve and it is this sort of sweetness that makes this crazy thing called motherhood a little bit more sane.

If you're a mother and you know what I mean, fist bump!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother Me

Every night when I tuck the boys into bed (who am I kidding? The only reason I tucked them to sleep was just so I can sleep. First. Kidding! Not.), I would try to say something good about each of them. 

To Benjamin, I'll always tell him that he's really such a sweetheart and sensible boy and sometimes he would add in, "I'm awesome too, right Mama?" Oh yes you are. 

To Jeb, I'll always tell him that I'm so thankful for him and that please be good and listen to Mama and Daddy and he'll go,"No!" 

Same DNA but totally world's apart. 

These were taken when he was around two years old.

For one, Benjamin has always been a happy and cheerful boy. He's always game for a good time and has no problems socialising with other kids and adults. Also, he's really an aunty killer too. They would all be charmed by his 'fish-ball' face and he would go in for the kill by asking for sweets and such. 

And these are him right now. Five years old and has mastered the art of selfies. 

And then we have Jeb. Whose middle name is Danger. He has no qualms on doing anything related to danger at all. He's all swords and guns and fighting. 

With Benjamin, I was a lot stricter with him in terms of discipline which I am more lax now with Jeb. Now that I admit it, are you happy husband?! 

The husband has always said that I'm being biased with the both of them and indeed, I am! But I'm turning over a new leaf okay. I punished Jeb as hard as I love him too. And it always breaks my heart that I have to go to extremes to do that. 

With both of them, I find that I try to give them the experiences I never much had when I was their age. I try to do more things with them and bring them out to more places. I guess that's what parenthood does. To make memories with your own kids that you never had. 

And I'll always tell them that they're brothers for life and they are their own little family.  

Monday, April 20, 2015

How to get dress in the dark

I'll have to admit. I get dress in the dark. For work. For real.

With me just pulling clothes out of my closet and crossing my fingers they'll somehow match. And couple that with my almost photographic mind, ahem.

Which is why these office clothing for women are perfect for getting dress in the dark. Well, not that any of you would do it. But you never know till you got 2 kids still co-sleeping with ya!

Mango Minimal Dress
River Island Slinky Jersey Drape Dress

Zalora Colourblock Shirt Dress
Zalora Pyjama Blouse

And as you can tell from the dresses I've picked, its almost similar to wearing my pyjamas to work. Not that any of you would do it. But these are perfect for, well what do ya'll know?! For pulling out of your closet in the dark and getting dressed in it! Double bingo!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

An irrational fear of nothing actually

I don't usually kiss my kids in the mornings before I leave for work. That is because I have this irrational fear that they'll wake up and not go back to sleep, and it's not like it hasn't happened before though.

Although usually right before we go to bed, I'll let them play around in the room, on the bed and let them spend whatever energy they have left just so you know, in the hopes of them falling asleep reeaaally soon.

When I was much younger, I would watch my mum apply lipstick before she goes to work and now, my sons are watching me do the same thing too. And speaking of lipsticks, I never thought that I'll ever used one. I've always thought it was such an adult woman thing to do, applying lipstick.

And now that I'm an actual older adult woman, I find that applying lipstick actually makes me feel more of an actual adult? I guess it's the feeling of empowerment when one gets to do such an adult thing for real. I do however also have an irrational fear of having cracked dried lipstick lips though. And to combat this, I would apply a clear layer of lip balm before my lipstick.

Got this at Watson. The brand is called essence and
really affordable at $2.50!

No idea what that little bugger was doing in the above photos but it seems like he's enjoying it though. #weirdsonwithweirdhumour.

So glad it's finally Friday!!!

Monday, March 23, 2015


As much as I must admit, it is hard for me to think of places to bring my boys to. Its always either too far, too inaccessible, too hot, too expensive or simply, too lazy.

But yesterday I was desperate for us to go out and have some fun before their new school term starts and since it was a sweltering hot day, I decided to bring them for some water play time!

It felt great as I get to enjoy my coffee and donuts while they had a splashing good time! There was no need for me to rush them, no agendas to follow and I must say, it's really nice to see them run around after their bouts of coughing fits for the past month.

We had a leisurely lunch followed by cupcakes and in my excitement to get Benjamin some new pants, I spent about $90 for both boys in the end at Cotton On kids. Ouch. I don't even spend that much on my clothes either!

But this, this was the best water play for us all. It finally rained, no, poured after several weeks of blazing hot sun.

Like they all like to say, Showers of blessings.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Work it

In life, its not always from head to toe, you know what I'm saying? Sometimes, its easier to get from the bottom up and hey, isn't that what we're all trying to do?

Work our way up.

With these motto in mind, I'll let my shoes do the talking and style my way up.


                             Grandora Oxfords
Arelaven Heels

Luma Flats
Fling Flats
These are some of the looks that I've styled up to go with the Aldo women shoes and rest assured I'll only style clothes that I'll personally will wear. Not that I'm a stylist though.

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Monday, February 16, 2015


I had grand plans to bring the boys to the Bird Park's water play yesterday but guess where we ended up?

Chinese Garden!

We had lunch with another family and since their daughter had terrible car sickness, we decided to bring them to the Chinese Garden instead as it doesn't involved taking the bus and was easily accessible by train. 

We chanced upon the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum where we saw all kinds of it and the Chinese in us began to ask our western friends if they've tried the infamous Turtle Soup. Cue sadistic laughter and evil glint in eyes as we saw rows and rows of turtles in their tanks. It was almost like a buffet. Muahahahha.

And Jeb proceeded to call all the turtles and tortoises there Mikey, after the Ninja turtle Michelangelo "_"

And then we saw this guy just nonchalantly digging the ground presumably for his lunch.

And then the kids decided to end the visit there and then with, "I wanna go eat ice-cream, NOW".

Yes boss.

It was a nice Sunday spent with our friends and watching the boys all running wild while their tired parents lugged behind them.