Thursday, December 18, 2014

Honey Creme


This was the most happening, hipster or hippening that I ever did on a weekday night.

I joined in the craze yo!

Eh not quite though as my friends and I happened to be in the area after dinner and she mentioned that it was nice, so we decided to give it a shot. Was supposed to share with a friend but I ended eating most of it. #whatdiet


While I'm not really a fan of soft serve, this was quite all right as it was really soft (duh!) and didn't had the milky after-taste that I dislike. And the honey comb makes up for it as it was the right amount of sweetness and doesn't taste that artificial.

But it cost $6 for a small cup and after thoughts were "Meh-I-most-probably-will-not-buy-it-again-but-the-boys-might-like-it-so-most-probably-will-buy-it-just-for-them" #thoughtsofamother

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Incidental House pet, or not


It turns out we have 2 house lizards living happily in the corner of our living room. How do I even know there's 2?

Because lizard 1 is the fatter and bigger sized one and lizard 2 is the slimmer and smaller sized one. Talk about double team eh?

And! They certainly make their presence felt whenever they make those lizard sounds and scrambling for cover when we open the door whenever we get home.

So much so that I've told my boys that they're our pets for now.

And my smarty ass pants 4 year old actually quipped this when we got home one night and found lizard 1 scrambling for cover, "Mama, your pet says welcome home!"

Thanks kid, just thanks. If you boys clean up after your meals and not leave crumbs for them to feast on, then perhaps they will just leave us alone?!?!

And who knows I could probably missed them. Or not.

Monday, December 15, 2014

If you have one and you know it, put your hands up

I never knew eating was a torture till Jeb came along. No scratch that, he brings a whole new level to torture eating.

To him, eating is simply not in his vocab. This guy lives on nothing but air and maybe sometimes, just sometimes, actual real food. And only when he wants to, which is..... rarely?

I've tried many tricks and bribery to get him to eat. Because he really likes fruits, I've resorted to feeding him a spoonful of rice followed by a bite of fruit. This usually works on the good days. And the bad days? I've resorted to using gummies to get him to open his mouth just so I can spoon food in. And on seriously bad days? I'm ashamed to say that I've resorted to flicking and even slapping his mouth in the hopes that I'll scare him to quickly swallowed his food.

I did scared him alright. Just maybe not in swallowing though.

The thing is this and I'm sure most mothers would feel this way is this. It's really not about them not eating per se. It is really more about getting those nutritrients into their growing bodies that makes this feeding all the more exasperating. Put your hands up if you're with me.

Because as an Asian parent, a chubby toddler is a sign of eating and growing well. Not some gangly two year old who runs away at the sight of food. But you know what?

I am trying to Let.It.Go.

Keyword. Trying.

I guess its because I really do not want to stress the both of us out and also, I could tell he is growing in terms of height and just a little bit of weight. But the thing is this. I try not to worry so much any more.

I still try my best to provide nutritious and delicious food, maybe not so much in the delicious part, but whatever chance I've got to shove that piece of salmon or chicken or avocado in his golden mouth, mother here will do all she can to do it.

And recently, a friend of mine told me about this funny book 'You have to F@cking Eat' by Adam Mansbach that talks about his experience with feeding his picky daughter. But the highlight was a recording done by a British actor Stephen Fry that up the book notch.

Take a listen and together, let's put our hands up!

Oh, it is a little vulgar and crude. So if you're the prudish type, consider yourself warned!

The occasional indulgence for them, junk snacks and ribena!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our weekends were made of this

We spent 2 full hours in the pool under the glorious sun, had a late lunch and everyone took an epic 3 hour nap after!

Which we woke up to a rainy cooling evening and headed out for dinner, took a short walk at the pasar malam near our place and I actually allowed the boys to stay up past their bed time on account of the long nap they had in the afternoon! 

It was just an awesome weekend where I didn't cook at all, allowed the boys to have pop corn and candy floss, there was more than enough fun and laughter in the house and best of all, it is free!

That's more than enough for mother here to be thankful for. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wife Solo

For most parts of the time, I solo parent my 2 boys. The husband had to travel quite a bit this year and while most trips were for a week, there were some that lasted almost a month. 

And those were some lonely days and nights.

I'm thankful that while we have a suitable arrangement for the boys to be at my mum's place to be looked after when the husband travels, it is not an ideal arrangement for us. For one, the boys will be apart from us and two, I'll be honest to say that sometimes I don't even go over to my mum's place for the night as I have to do the laundry and housekeeping at our own place. 

Oh and as I was saying, solo parenting.

It's really tough especially when the boys keep asking for their father though. It's even tougher when they are crying and asking for their father at the same time. Manipulation these boys.

On the flip side, I feel like a single mother. Not that I am, just that it really does makes me feel like one. 

I do however, enjoy my time with them very much though! They're more than I could ever ask for, especially that little guy right in front. Yes, that guy with that pout.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Horrible stories for happy children

Just so you know, I tell my boys bedtime stories sometimes before they go to sleep. I say sometimes because most times I'll be out cold before any stories gets told.

We don't read from books either and it's mostly made up stories told by me with the boys hiding under the blanket and going all excited about something.

I say something because to Jeb, it's all about hiding from scary monsters right now.

Our stories usually goes like this...

"Once upon a time there was a little boy. This little boy loves to eat chocolate. He loves chocolate so much that he eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday! One day, as he was eating his chocolates, he sigh and thought to himself how nice it would be if he was a chocolate too! And it so happened that the next morning he really did turned into a chocolate! He was so happy that he ate himself. The end."

I only realise that it's had a morbid ending but to Benjamin he was happy that this story was all about chocolates. And most times, the characters that I made up were all based after the boys.

So obviously, this boy was based after Benjamin who really loves his chocolate.

Or another one based after Jeb.

"Once upon a time there was a little boy. This little boy loves to run, climb and jump. He can run and climb and jump all day long! And his favourite food to eat are bananas, apples, pumpkin seeds and broccoli. However he would keep the food in his mouth for a long time, until one day he realised that all his teeth dropped out as the food had rotted in his mouth! Thus he had no more teeth left to eat anything any more. The end."

I could be the next writer for the next series of the Grimm brothers fairy tale.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Life lessons for boys, from boys

Because my four year old talks wayyyyy too much for his age and for his gender, most of the complaints I've been hearing are pretty much one sided.

"Mama! Jeb Jeb poked my eye!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb tell me to go away!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb hit me with his toy!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb take my train!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb never finish his food!"

"Mama! MAMA! MAMA!"

While poor Jeb might not be able to vindicate himself based on his brother's complains due to his limited vocabulary, my poor ears has not been given a break since Benjamin discovered talking either.

To be fair, I do know that Jeb tends to snatch and shriek and scream when things don't go his way, I do however try not to get involved when the boys fight. Why?

For one, it is highly amusing to watch them quarrel. One talks and the other grunts. Entertainment for me, exasperation for Benjamin.

Number two. Why should I? It's their battle, let them fight it out and may the strongest win. All's fair in toys and games.

Number three. Isn't fighting part of a childhood? You fight, you cry and you made up. Brotherhood bonding for them!

Number four. It's about not taking sides. Okay, this might be stretching a little because we all just want a little peace and quiet in the house right? So while I'm not proud to admit it, but I do tend to ask Benjamin to give way to Jeb. Just because.

Number five. So long as no one is injured, by all means fight. Perhaps the ones that do are most probably the toys. 

"I got my iron grip on kor kor! Muah hahaha!"
Jeb, 2 years old and grunting